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Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett

squirrelly book coverSquirrels are amazing creatures! Their antics are quite entertaining. They are very intelligent. This makes them extremely creative, with the ability to adapt to many situations. This book is about the life of such a squirrel named Squirrelly. It starts with his first days in the nest of his parents and then subsequent interactions with his siblings. The story continues as he meets the love of his life, Starlett. They become soul mates, eventually moving into a home of their own and having a wonderful family of seven children. I am sure you will find this Squirrel love story very exciting.

Icy the Iceberg

Icy-cover-angleFollow Icy on his incredible journey . . . Beginning his life as a sparkling snowflake. Finding himself squeezed for hundreds of years beneath tons of snow. Emerging as a beautiful, blue, floating iceberg. Making friends with all kinds of creatures in his amazing adventure… You will fall in love with ICY the Iceberg!

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